Dr. Doom Portrait Auctioned for $57.3 Million

Untitled, Jean-Michel Basquiat, 1982
A Portrait of Dr. Doom?

Last week, a painting by 1980’s artist Jean Michel Basquiat sold at auction for $57.3 million US. The name of the artwork is ‘Untitled’, but we at Sci Fi Fantasy Blog propose it is actually a portrait of none other than the iconic Victor von Doom. Dr. Doom embodies the perfect harmony of sci fi and fantasy styles, and makes it look easy.

Although Hollywood seems incapable of making a decent movie with him as the villain, Sci Fi Fantasy Blog reveries Doom unto the highest. Here is some background information for those readers unfamiliar with the legend of Dr. Doom.

Doctor Doom first appeared in comics in 1962. According to The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Deluxe Edition, published in February of 1985, Doom’s motivation to take over the world stems from a tragic incident in his childhood. Following the mysterious death of his mother Cynthia, his physician father Werner was hunted by Latverian authorities for failing to cure a Baron’s wife of terminal cancer. While Doom’s father froze to death evading capture, young Victor survived and later inherited a chest that belonged to his late mother. The chest contained herbs, medicines and items of Gypsy magic. Young Doom realized his legacy, and vowed to leverage witchcraft and his brilliant scientific mind to make the whole world pay for the death of his father and communicate with his mother from beyond the grave.

After learning advanced science in the U.S., Doom went overseas to learn both magic and martial arts from Tibetan monks. doomoriginThere he designed a nuclear powered suit of iron armor with flight power, a force field, super strength and gauntlets which fire lightning bolts. He later went on to conquer and rule Latveria, his throne in a massive 110 room castle first built in the 16th century. Other early accomplishments include independently discovering the molecule-shrinking Pym particle and inventing a platform for travelling backward, forward or sideways in time.

He would later use his time platform to travel into the distant past and increase his skill in Black Magic by learning from Morgana Le Fey, sorceress of Arthurian legend. His psychic powers include hypnosis and the ability to transfer his consciousness into the body of another human at will due to training by the alien race known as the Ovoids.

Dr. Doom’s most formidable asset is his super-genius intellect and indomitable willpower. Doom himself theorized that his Gypsy mother’s communion with demons caused his mind to develop earlier and faster than an ordinary child. The mystic arts Doom studies are thought byDoom_casting_spell some to be based in a highly advanced science. This brings up a subject of much interest and ongoing discussion here at Sci Fi Fantasy Blog, the relationship between science and magic.




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