The Mysterious Ether – Part 1 of 2

A subject mentioned in the previous article on science and magic is interesting enough to deserve some remarks on its own. The Ether is a controversial topic spanning the realms science, magic, fact and fiction. Bear with us with a theoretical exploration in two parts, and Sci Fi Fantasy blog will follow up with The Weapons of Sci Fi-Fantasy – Part 3: Projectiles next weekend.

According to the Austrian scientist/inventor Karl Schappeller (1874-1947), the Ether is an ultra fine carbon-based “energy soil” filling all of space. The analogy of static on a pre-digital TV screen is useful when imagining what the Ether looks like. Solid matter passes through the Ether like a screen door swinging through the air. It has the properties of vacuum force, consciousness (but in a latent state) and transferring electrical power. In the same way that dense fog is only visible when seen from a distance, the Ether is only seen when looked at from across the galaxy. Like a multiverse-sized cloud of black Xerox toner, the Ether concept would explain why the night sky is black.

The Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887 disproved the existence of any Ether to the satisfaction of mainstream science, making way for Einstein’s special theory of relativity, which did not support the existence of the Ether. He popularized the idea that space is an empty void and that radio waves and light travel through it without being ‘carried’ through a stationary medium (like ocean water ‘carries’ fish).

In the 1901 book Thought Power: It’s Control and Culture, author Annie Besant states that thoughts travel through an Ethereal fluid like radio waves through the air. She explains the pineal gland in the center of the brain is sensitive to the Ether, and functions as a transmitter/receiver for thoughts of sentient beings.


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